Last night . . . shingles/chicken pox dream; happened at an overnight stay at some hotel and had something to do with people taking the PE exam. We all had shingles or chicken pox. It ended with me driving and parking at a meter that was a no parking meter. Everyone was watching me, I felt foolish. I saw a lot of people in my dream I knew from grade school (Kim Conaway, Marla Hall, etc.) but they were all grown up. I was also at some point in this dream at the grocery store buying vegetables.

Other night . . . . Past World/Future World. A dream that while watching as a movie in the past, I saw all these people with back packs that had oxygen and IV's (clothing was bought to match backpacks). Everyone had them. Basically we as a society determined that we could over come everything by using all sorts of vaccines (IV's purpose). In future world I was part of the world rather than just watching it. In this world (there was a lot of red clothing (uniforms?)) I was there to tell them the US had gathered all of these people (who had 'cured' themselves with the aforementioned backpack IV viruses) that they really weren't healthy because the viruses formed new strains that were immune to the vaccines. The US after gathering them on an island was going to bomb the whole island. The planes were large floating things, capable of landing in water, but really more like planes. The island floated (this is a dream after all). The planes were going to land on water with these floaty things and drop the bomb in the water which would then come up and hit the island from the underside.

Various recurring dreams . . . . Zombie Dream 1(KFC) This dream consists of zombies going through the drive through to pick out people to eat. The people they get to pick from are inside (like the dining area) and the zombies drive around and decide. The people are frothy.

Zombie Dream 2(Hardees and or Burger King (varies). Same as zombie dream one only the location changes.

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