Okay, so about the King. He is about to kick off and wants this university. Okay well that is cool, it's a school of technology and is an 'international' school; so at first I am all for it. Well the more I look into it, 'international' students are all second to anyone living in the kingdom, so those of us doing the design are looked at as second rate anyway!

Now in addition to that just being annoying I have had to deal with people who say that I support terrorism by working on this project. NOT all those who live in the middle east are terrorist, has anyone ever paid attention to anything EVER! I know the answer is no, so why bother asking!?

SO anyway, this project, is annoying. It is a large scale university that has to be completed in one year. That includes all design and construction. SO while we are designing, they are constructing. That leaves no room for errors, and to keep the schedule going, that means we have to work basically every day, and during the week, for many more hours than anyone wants to do! By the way, the 'they' I speak of who are constructing are Bangladesh, Phillipino, and some other countries' people, not Sauds as one might suspect. Some Sauds are working on this, but they aren't the runt guys busting their arses in the 140+ heat!

Now maybe I shouldn't be complaining because I have a job and as of now, the King has awarded my company enough money to give me a bonus; not typically given to non-Associates here at the company. I deserve it, I've been busting my rear. I also got to go to Toronto for this job; yet again something I shouldn't complain about. But at some point I just have to vent. I spend so much time here at work, I am tired of being here, and tired of NOT being at home. I am tired of trying to catch up on my rugby matches that are a week or two old; I am tired of having to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. More importantly I am tired of the stress; can't make mistakes, and sorry, but I do, so that is a problem for me, and then they (the General Contractor) gets their drawers in a bind when they hear ANYTHING they don't like. If you have to wait one hour past when they want something, they have a fit worse than any 2 year-old's fit I have ever seen!

I need to think of a new career choice. I like being an engineer when I get to see my end product, but during the project not so much, and the liability is killing me. It sounds silly I know, it's not like I am a doctor, but think of it this way. A doctor slips up he kills one person, I slip up, and kill hundreds. It's a lot of stress to bear and my body can't take any more. I also don't want to take these dumb ass tests. Sick of it all. The pros to this field are not exceeding the cons, and in the mathematical world, that means dump it!

SO, any ideas for a new career?

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