My Newest Dream . . .

My newest dream . . .

So in this episode of 'My Crazy Dreams' . . . Eva and I were arrested!
This is what happened in my dream . . . a group of us including me, Eva, Rae, Josh, Trish, Jason, and some of Jason and Josh's friends all go out some how packed into one car and cause some trouble. We broke a few things and caused enough problems that the cops were out looking for us.

We go into hiding at Rae and Josh's place in some far away city. While there I discover that they have an obsession with toilets and bathrooms. In this one house they have three bathrooms, one of which has 3 toilets in it! That was Rae's bathroom!

Eventually Eva and I have to leave, and so we take the car we have (an old huge boat of a car) and we head back to our home town. Some how along the way we picked up Tori and Erica, who were looking adorable as ever and Eva and I decided that they would help us escape from trouble because they were so adorable. Bad people don't hang our with adorable people, right!?!?

SO we go eat, and cops walk by us never recognizing that we are who they are looking for; we think we have escaped our doom! We leave the restaruant, and Tori and Erica go home; Eva and get back into our boat of car and head closer into town. There we run into a road block. At this road block they recognize Eva (whose hair is long and braided). They arrest her and have a hard time restraining her so they cuff her wrists and ankles and carry her to a cell. In this time I am also arrested, but only my wrists are cuffed. I walk into a cell next to Eva.

Eva and I think we are being arrested for our previously mentioned antics, we kept silent not to rat out the rest of the gang. We were wrong though, that isn't why they were looking for us! This is the reason we were arrested . . . some years ago (in my dream) Eva and I go to Ireland, while there we use some special calling cards that allow us to collect "Travel Money" with each card used. We come home and since the value here at home was higher than in Ireland, we get more of a trip than the card company had planned. We used our "Travel Money" to go to Dublin, Ohio!! Well apparently they said we were commiting fraud. Who knew!? Anyway, they had all sorts of evidnece against us.

I don't recall what happened after that because my alarm was going off. However I do know that in this dream Eva and I got to share a TV, and we watched the History Channel and Discovery. The cops were so surprised by our knowledge and desire to learn that they were convinced the evidence against us was a farce and so we got all sorts of special treatment!

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