Earth Day

Today is the big day, it's Earth Day. I took the bus (but that has become my normal routine). I will be a vegetarian for the day also, but that doesn't stray far from reality for me. I eat meat on occasion (including some forms of beef). The problem, is that for the most part I am conscientious about my acts, I use reusable grocery and shopping bags, I avoid using my task lighting at work, I close down my computer at the end of my day, I recycle most of my waste, I use reusable cups and dishes. I take short showers, and wear jeans a couple of times before I wash them. Chris and I are now going to start making our own biodiesel! It's not that I am perfect, or that I have all my ducks in a row for conservatism, but you know, when you do everything you really can most days, it's hard to think of a step further that you can take. I should have worn my T-shirt made of recycled plastic bottles today. Oh well, hindsight is as they say, 20/20!

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