It's a nice day out ...

I'm sitting inside, staring at the computer with much to vent about but no ability to do so at the moment. There is a time for venting at work and then there is a time for venting at home. This is a home moment.

It's a beautiful day out and I should enjoy the weather, but the moment I go outside, it's over; motivation is gone and the desire to be outside overwhelms me. I have to avoid the temptation, sort of like avoiding a giant slice of chocolate cheesecake with caramel!

I can say on a totally different note though, that the earthquakes we recently had (still having) at least made this a good month. Month=April. 'Twas my first earthquake of any significance. I don't use joyous to sound negative, rather scientific, but this was a joyous occasion. If you ever want to talk earthquakes, ring me up, I will chat until you are sick!

It's not that I have ADD or anything, but I need to change the subject a couple more times, so here is a new topic: I was reading my friend's (Mike) blog and he writes so well, it makes me jealous that I can not only write that poetically, but that I can't release emotion or feelings in such a way. If something doesn't spew as out mathematical or logical, there is no point. That can be so frustrating.

Again new topic: I made dog shampoo yesterday, with vinegar, water, dish soap, and glycerin. The dogs do not smell like wet dogs, or like vinegar! It's so cool! Really dude, try it, 1 pint of everything except glycerin, you only need 4 oz or that stuff. I also added some drops of lavender oil to my mix, and it smells awesome. I love lavender, my favorite smell!

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