Another Crazy Dream ...

I couldn't get to my computer fast enough this morning to blog this dream.

I have to give you some history. Friday, April 25, 2008 at around 7:30 a.m. Chris' very good friend, Denny Gipson died of a massive heart attack. Denny was a guy that would do anything for anyone. Not one of those guys that said he would and then didn't come through, but really a genuine guy that would complain about everything, but all the while still completing a promise to some one. He had a lot of friends, a lot of people that miss him now very much. A lot of these people were at his funeral. This I believe is where my dream takes place.

In this dream, for most of the time, I couldn't go anywhere as though I was locked in place required to watch from a stationary position. I didn't feel constrained in any way, but I knew I couldn't move from my location. I also felt flowy and light, almost as though the air where breezy and I were very relaxed. I never once felt anything other than comfort in this dream. The dream appeared as though I was looking through another persons eyes. Most things were in black and white. I (or this person I was looking through) was, as I mentioned, at a funeral. I believe I was the deceased person, whom I believe was Denny. I could see everyone that came to visit, no one was mourning though, everyone appeared happy, solemn, but happy. I saw everyone that was actually at Denny's funeral! This was in black and white remember ... but I would get flashes of color, and in these brief flashes, the moods of everyone changed to a very upsetting mood where everyone was crying or concerned. Towards the end of the dream, I felt as though I was getting smaller, or perhaps moving away from the people although I wasn't really moving. People began saying "good bye", "we love you", "sweet dreams", "it's okay friend", "you're so sweet", among other nice sentiments. People put their hands out and I held them, although I don't think the people knew I was holding their hands as I couldn't really feel them, I just knew I was holding them. The people began to fade and while I could still sometimes see them, they were fuzzy until the dream was just over. There was no big ending, it was just over.

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