Bella’s Story

Chris and I had our new bikes out in the front driveway messing around with them. Riley, who is generally well behaved, was allowed to roam the yard leashless. Bella, who I like to call the white beast, was constrained with her good leather leash to the tailgate of Chris’ truck. All was temporarily well as I attached my water bottle holder to my bike. Each dog was near me laying and enjoying the weather. Then Chris walks over and plays with Riley. Bella, who is always jealous that she isn’t the center of attention, bothers Riley by biting his feet. She’s short, so she sees everyone as giant. I believe she thinks if she goes for the feet we fall down and she has better abilities to taking us out at her level. Anyway, back to the story; Chris thinks that he can solve this problem by moving into the yard with Riley where they can rough house without the beastly bitings. Bella lunges at them with all her might and jerks Chris’ truck with every move; so much that if the truck where in neutral, she would have pulled it. She walked back over to me with this sad look in her eyes, turns back to the boys, and takes a full force run at them, breaking the leash that held her! Away she goes to Riley’s feet, leaving me stunned and shocked that she just broke a leather leash right in half! I always called her the white beast because of her brute size, but now, it’s all about her brute force!

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