Riley’s Story

The dogs and I were outside watching Chris clean the swimming pool. I was standing with my hands in the pool simply feeling the cool water. Bella, who is short, could only stand with her front paws on the edge of the pool peering in at the water. Riley now comes up and sits next to me. I tell he can stand and look to, and then from a sitting position he leapt up and into the water! There he is, in this cold 60’s degree water taking a leisure swim! I of course being a crazy dog mom panic and scream and spin in circles looking for what I can do. I decide to lean in half of the pool and coax him over, where I help him out (although I’m not sure how willing he was to leave his own party). I think I was wetter than he! We survived the trauma, and I was able to get us in and dry and slightly warmed. I knew he liked the water, but this, was more than I anticipated!

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