Things are weird...

Things have been oddly crazy lately. I say oddly because I feel normal with everything that is going on. I never feel normal. I never feel like I am the one making the right choices. But this time it is different.

People, and by people I mean two couples I know, are splitting up, and rightly so for both of them. In each of these cases, the male portion of the male/female couple are aggressive and abusive in their own rights. On one hand though, the mom of one girl is supportive of her daughter. The other though, I don't understand, has been manipulated into believing her daughter has done something she hasn't and is now taking the males side. A huge mistake. This guy has gone and torn her family apart because he hasn't gotten what he wanted...I can only imagine if she didn't get out when she did, she would be literally chained to a wall and tortured in years to come.

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