Another dream

I had another interesting dream, and while I can't remember all of it, I remember pieces that are very odd. The location of this dream takes place in a home with a newly remodeled bathroom. For at least a week, I along with other people who I do not know use this bathroom as though nothing important is involved with the bathroom. Then out of nowhere there is a report of a missing girl, and by girl I mean 18-20 year old. Youthful, but not a child. I do not know why I have this feeling but I am convinced she is alive and in the house. I search rooms, closets and under beds but to no avail. Then Eva and I are standing in the newly remodeled bathroom wondering if she was some how buried under the concrete slab of the bathroom. Then she and I notice that there is a very small door behind and above the toilet. Curiously I open it and peer into the dark space. A hand reaches out to me. I shine a light in and sure enough, it is the missing girl. Eva and I begin pulling the drywall off the wall where we can in order to get her out. I investigate and find that my older brother put her there. He has done nothing harmful to her and feeds her three times a day. When asked why he did this, he says very little, but the one thing he continually says is that he was hoping for a genie in a bottle. I don't understand this, but that is what he said. We tried to decide if we should let her go or call the cops. I decide to call the cops, but only tell them where the girl is rather than telling them her exact location within the house and how she got there. When the cops arrive, she, knowing my brother was delirious tells them that she got stuck there and it started out as a joke that went too long. In an effort to keep this secret I have to track a woman down who knows that she and my brother were the last to see each other. The dream goes from the house to a sort of apartment building. Very dirty and busy. Connected to it is a yacht club. I only recall sneaking through the place and watching the people at the yacht club. Then I awoke to the annoying beeping of my alarm clock.

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