Man Made Flood?

I was reading a recent article at Time.com about the recent flooding being a man made problem. At first I was happy to see this title, because finally some one was going to address the problem as to why the flooding is a problem. But then when I opened the article, I saw what it was about; more accusations against the Army Corps of Engineers.

First let me say that I do sympathize with the people who lose their home because there is no place like home. But really, what I feel more deeply about is the fact that a person chose to live in a FLOOD PLAIN. The flood plain has been here since, well, since this part of the earth was carved out. The rivers of this lovely earth rise and fall according to how they function. If a person so desires to shoot them selves in the foot, no one looks at the gun and blames it, they blame the person choosing to shoot at his/her own foot. So why is it that when a flood "impedes" on its own territory do we look at a government agency? We should be looking at the home owner saying, "Listen, we'll do as much as we can, but if the flood takes over, then it takes over, you chose to put your house in its territory, so sorry if Mother Nature stretches her arms, but you are in the way"!

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