Dude! Where's My Identity?

So I started and nearly finished this same blog yesterday on MySpace, but that bastard place kicked me out before I ever published it. So now, here I am at work with my beloved 'Draft Autosave' hoping to rewrite what I think should be here.

So I want to know where my FOID card is. FOID=Firearms Owners Identification. It's not like I have a criminal record or anything. I keep it clean just in case the CIA or FBI need my services! So why don't I have a card yet? They cashed my check! I'm sure they have a good reason, but I don't know it so I'm cranky about this situation.

In other news, for those of you following along with my blogs, we got one of our 2 interior doors in the other day. Good news is that we hung one of the doors (the hall bath). Bad news is that the other door we ordered was wrong. That door got sent back. That's my luck, if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck! Imagine that!

Last night I went to dinner (rather desserts) with my friend Maureen from high school. It was good to see her, she looks like she is well. She sounds like she has a cool job, (actually postdoc work I believe). She was slicing brains open and photographing and MRIing them. See, that sounds like cool stuff to do. I don't know if I could do it, I get grossed out too easy, but it sounds great.

While writing this, I realized that this is likely my last blog of the year 2008. I say likely because I could blog later, I just never know. Anyway, having realized that this is the last day of 2008 I feel like I should recap my year in short. I also want to add a few things to my ongoing list of little things that get me by everyday. So, here we go!

Recap of 2008
Work went as expected all year long; Planned a trip to Jamaica, had to cancel that trip, so no major vacations for the year 2008; Went to Kansas City this year; started reading the Sookie Stackhouse novel series; fell in love with Bill the Vampire; Began using REVIT Structure; got a new work computer; applied for a FOID card; picked apples with mom; had lots of rain; actually got peaches, apricots, and blackberries off of our fruit trees; planted some new plants around the pool and the ground cover is doing very well; added a small deck and arbor in our back yard; started making bio-diesel in our garage; watched a friend get engaged and separated from some one I fear would have chained her in the basement; Chris' dad lost part of his foot; an uncle lost his leg; became the Chairperson of the local chapter of SEI; joined a new gym; bought some new shoes (imagine that); watched the price of fuel rise to $4/gal and then drop back to close to $1/gal.; I watched the stock market tumble while I watched my 401k plummet; stopped taking a vital medication to prevent reproduction; relatives living in Japan moved back to the US; met up with old friends; watched Chris meet up with old friends; started blogging for therapy!

Continued list of little things that make me happy
-The way Bella uses her toys as pillows
-The way Riley stretches when getting off the couch
-Waking up and realizing Bella moved to the end of the bed with me so she could snuggle
-Blogging for therapy
-Hearing old friends are doing well
-Rereading older blogs and laughing at myself
-Sometimes listening to nothing with my headphones on just so no one bugs me
-Understanding that some people are just whiners and knowing they always whine to me
-Hearing the antics of friends and playing out what I think happened in my head
-Reading the "updates" of my friends in MySpace and Facebook

-Being able to talk to myself in the car and passerbys just think I'm on the phone

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