Gettin' Back My Street Cred

Hey, shout out to Shane Brain, his birthday is today! Hope he has a good one!

So yesterday I bought my 2009 calendar to keep at my desk at work. It is the 'Urban Dictionary' daily! So once a day I will learn new street slang to share with all of my nonexistant readers! Want an example of what we will be learning? Here you go: 'get Irish', means to get drunk. Let's see an example of this in context, "Me and my friends are getting Irish tonight". Stay tuned for more to come, I will try to use my new language skills in every blog!
Oh yea, the "Urban Dictionary" street slang is courtesy of Andrew McMeel Publishing, LLC, Kansas City, Mo.

So some new props to my buddy Mike who needs to blog more. He filled out a MySpace survey which was all too amusing. He really should blog more, he writes really well. It's been a while since I've read any of his work. He said things have been too crazy to blog, but I think that should be more reason to blog. He was also supposed to call me, and didn't. So I am going on my official 'nagging drive' (similar to a blood drive for those of you not really following along) to see what is up on his end of the world (besides the crazy people in his head). Love ya Mike!!

Some more to blog about is my fun weekend. I hung out with the evil Trowbridge. Not to be confused with my cohort in crime Christine. The evil Trowbridge is a combo of nice Christine who kept feeding me alcohol that was hers to drink, and her hubby who thought it was all too amusing (so two people in one really). Hubby Trowbridge fed me water...he might not be as evil as suspected. He was also my boyfriend for the night. I don't know if he is annoyed with me yet...only time will tell!

I also learned that Young Trowbridge has some awesome cute pink hi-top Converse. I also have these shoes, only large enough for my feet. Young Trowbridge and I shall get a photo for my shoe obsession!

As it is Monday morning, I should get back to work, and I will likely wrote more later. Until the next blog, be merry!

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