Hot Honey and Badgers

I started out wanting to blog, but not having a good topic. I asked the Badger for any topic, and of course his response was 'your hot honey badger". So then I thought, since we all know how hot the badger is (or thinks he is), I should elaborate on this topic. I could go with 'hot showers that dry out delicate badger skin'; 'the amazing strength of real badgers'; 'honey recipes'; or 'my dislike for hot climates'.

Ultimately, I chose none of the above topics. Instead I thought I would write about ice storms. I'm told we, the St. Louis area, are to expect an ice storm. One very similar to the likes of a storm we had 2 years ago. We were without power for a week. All in all, it made for some amusing memories, but memories I'd prefer to not relive. At the same time, I have the attitude that I will believe it when I see it. Either way, we have prepared a few ideas to support ourselves and dogs through a nasty ice storm. And if all else fails, we are staying at Eva's!

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