Let It Snow

It's snowing here in St. Louis. I also heard it snowed in Vegas. That must be a real treat to see snow in the desert! It's sort of nice to experience snow around Christmas time, very traditional I suppose. I know the dogs love the snow...not so much the cold, but they love the snow. Riley rolls in it, Bella eats it. They have a blast!

I was happy to see that my friend Becky blogged yesterday. I was needing some reading material. In her blog she mentioned her home construction. Familiar topic to me, we have that going on in our house. We always have that going on in our house. We LOVE construction. I guess not having a full bathroom can be frustrating, but I've gotten used to it by now. The good news is that the 'tin' ceiling tiles we ordered are in the store now. I want to know where my doors are though. I love the doors we ordered. Once we have the doors and ceiling completed we will be able to finish the subway tile, then the floor, then paint, install fixtures and we have a complete bathroom upstairs. We are going for the sort of old bathroom feel in the hall bath. I can't wait!

Becky also commented on my MySpace blog from a while ago, about the little things that get us by everyday. So I wanted to add to my list something she mentioned, and that is the corner pieces of the brownie. Oh holy moly that is the best part! So today I will add to that list! And if Becky is reading this...I have something you need to check out. Click this link!

-Corner pieces of the brownie
-Listening to a song you haven't heard in a very long time and remembering why it was one of your favorites!
-Singing in the shower
-Playing the air guitar
-Playing the air drums
-Making people laugh really hard when they see you playing the air guitar!
-Talking about nothing just to talk
-Nyquil (oh heavenly Nyquil)
-Not having to drive (gosh I so don't like driving, and I have terrible road rage)
-Knowing some one actually reads anything I write
-Reading other people's blogs
-Knowing people can confide in me, and not telling other people anything, because it's not mine to tell (don't take that as me knowing anything, I was just thinking about reading blogs)
-Draft autosave because it takes a while for me to write these things, I come as go as I am not busy at work
-Doing donuts on purpose on the fresh road ice

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