New Day, New Blog

Today I will blog about the Pedi Paws pet nail groomer. Now, I imagine if you are online, have watched television within the last year, or walked into a Walgreens, you have likely heard of, seen, or maybe used this so called devise. This very clever, user friendly, Dremmel type gadget used to sand the nail tips of dogs to a comfortable degree is very handy to have. Dogs, including my beloved Riley fight to keep their nails ungroomed. Maybe it's because mom cut to close to the quick, maybe they just like their pointy weapons of mass destruction. In any case, it's nice to see a useful pet tool that provides hope to those of us too worn out to try anything else. Thank you Pedi Paws!

I can say without a doubt that it works well; but I didn't try it on my dogs yet. I tried it on Stubbs. If you know me, you know I have a jacked up finger that I created all by myself (affectionately named Stubbs); and on this jacked up finger is a jacked up hook nail. This gnarly, nasty, scary, thick, hard, and weird thing that is called a nail anyway. It's hard to groom, it's painful to groom, and frankly, I need a Dremmel to get the job done. But now with the Pedi Paws, I can sand Stubbs' nail down to a shiny bright gleam of hope. Stubbs will never look normal again (thanks to me that is); but his nail will look beautiful for days to come thanks to a pet grooming tool!

On a new topic of the day, I'd like to thank Mike for finally blogging to me! See, it wasn't so bad, and some times crying when reading a book is better than crying because of anything else. Not that you did that or anything! No really, if you liked dogs, I would ask you to read 'Marley and Me' because I cried like a freaking baby. Also, if you haven't done so yet, you need watch 'P.S. I Love You'; you'll cry like a baby!!! Anyone who has every cried knows that crying is the best sedative around!

So to end, keep your chins up my friends, and as the old AA adage goes, take it all one day at a time!

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