Do you ever see, watch, or hear things that bring something back to your mind's forefront? I try not to do that, for various reasons; some things are best not relived, some things too sad to let go of with no need to cry over again, some people missed, whatever. Reasons exist, enough said there. Another point off the cuff here, don't end sentences in prepositions. Anyway, back to nostalgia. A million different things pop into my view, or into my hearing range even if I say no. They just creep by like summer bugs. Sometimes that brings really great memories, other times not. Sometimes it brings really great memories that just lead to sadness, loneliness, insanity, (dare I say) depression. I tell myself that I need to let go, I need to remember that I am here in the present (which is happy and full), what was will never be, no harm can come again, that sort of crap. What do people do when they can't let go of nostalgia? I'm a pack rat, by nature (and by Facebook standards) with what I consider an addict prone personality. Addicted in fact to the past. Or rather things of the past. Or even people of the past. They (whoever they might be) should make an AA meeting for me, but instead of AA, PA (pack rats anon) and instead of giving coins, they take them! The people that get addicted to other people, their meeting could be . . . oh geez, I don't know, maybe no one would attend, they would get addicted to each other. Ha, that's funny. Anyway, so what happens when the nostalgia that creeps into everyday life turns into dreams? The addiction becomes worse. It's like chocolate, pizza, or nachos. You start out letting yourself have one piece of candy, one slice of pizza, share a plate of nachos; before you know it you dream you are eating this stuff and then you crave it even more during the day, your cravings never satisfied until you over do it. I wonder how sex addicts feel. They dream about it, they crave it, how on Earth do they get all that craving satisfied? Hmm, later topic, later blog; anyway . . . what I am getting to is that sometimes the past is hard to let go of, even if a person wants, even needs, the past; no can do, so why so hard to let go?

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