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New day, saw two new blogs. Went to the gym, felt great. My weigh in yesterday sucked, so that put a damper on things. I also found out my buddy Shane is in the hospital. Not entirely sure what happened, other than he had a seizure. Poor guy can't get a break. My hair at least looks decent today, so that's a hope for a good day.

Got an e-mail from my boss that had an undertone of unhappiness with my performance. More like, 'I wasn't aware you gave her specification sections that I didn't review'. What does anyone expect, I ask for help, I ask for some one to review, no one does. I'm a sitting duck out here by myself in rather frigid water. Measly cooling tower to you is a rather big deal to me. I need to let it roll off my shoulders. That is hard to do.

The dogs stole my spot in bed last night. I have a heated blanket on my side of the bed, and they felt they needed to be on it. I can't say I cared, they were nice and warm and soft so the company was great. I could have used some more leg room. I did after all go to the gym which means my legs are in major turmoil today.

Well, my Urban word of the day is one most people already know, but I'll share anyway.
Player: Someone who uses someone else for sex or other favors, usually charming the victim until they fall in love with them. Can be shortened to "playa".

I have a busy weekend planned. Drinks with Mike on Friday, the Rynders on Saturday, and maybe if they'll be out and I'm still alive, celebration for Becky's birthday on Saturday night.

I think I have narrowed my headache down to either a sinus headache or blood pressure headache. I forgot my blood pressure kit today to monitor it. Damn! I also think that tonight I will get a saline sinus cleanser, see how it helps. Either way, I should be able to knock this thing out eventually!

I wanted to comment on how I think it is weird that I think something, or think of some one, like I have this sign from the heavens, and then something happens. It's always been this way with me. Similarly with the whole deja vu thing. Out of no where, a thought pops in my head of some one and then a day, maybe a week later, I hear something about them. I just wanted to say that I think that is weird!

It's all I have for now, must work! Oh and remember, you only think a blog is boring because you know it already, the rest of us don't! It won't be nearly as boring as you give it credit!

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