2/5ths of Your Body

EEEEE! Snow can be so fun and exciting. At our house, we got 6" of snow on top of the 2-3" of sleety/snowy stuff that we had yesterday. When Bella went outside this morning, her chest didn't even come out of the snow. Luckily she can use her bottom lip as a plow and she got right through it. Riley was eager to play, but once he realized we were going to work today, he decided to go back to bed under the warm blankets. In fact, he looked so cozy I let them stay upstairs today in the bedroom rather than putting them downstairs where it's considerably colder! I hope Bella doesn't eat anything that will harm her!

The ride to work was treacherous. I saw at least 3 cars in ditches. It was one of those days where two lane roads become one lane roads. It was one of those days where lines on the road are invisible. It was one of those days when cars are all over the place and no one cares because 45 miles per hour on the Interstates is good! It was fun!

When Chris pulled up to drop me off at my building, he stopped at what appeared to be the smallest snow pile. When I stepped into it, the snow came up to my knees. Since I'm short, I'm sure it was only 2 feet deep, but when you're short, 2 feet deep is 2/5ths of your body! It was fun!

It's quite dead here at work, then again, as I write this, it's not even 7 in the morning, maybe that's why it's dead!?! In any case, I imagine many people will be home today. I hope people stay home and play with their kids and dogs in the snow! I surely plan to go home after work and play with Riley and Bella in the snow. That's what I did yesterday! It was fun!

On another note, we are supposed to get a new washer today; any bets on if it comes?? How about if it's broken?? Ha, I should try to be more optimistic!

Okay, so onto the word of yesterday and today!

1-27-09: pornfolio: The mass of porn that one has stored on their computer, generally in a separate folder. In use: Dang dude, I got 117 porn mpegs in my pornfolio!

1-28-09: deck change: Wrapping a towel around oneself to change (typically into or out of a bathing suit) in a public setting. The "deck" is the walking surface around a swimming pool where this change is typical to occur. In use: Kyle was in the middle of a hurried deck change when he was pantsed. Hilarity ensued.

Really??? Where do they come up with these things?

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