This Week . . . .

Is.....drum roll please.......

National Pizza Week

Yes indeed this is a joyous occasion. I ate pizza last night for dinner!

I was also super lame and went to bed at 8 pm. I was exhausted.

The word of the day, is:
voluntold: The exact opposite of volunteering. Always used in reference to an unpleasant task to which you have been assigned by your boss.

I was recently voluntold that I will be giving a presentation to the HOK office on structural engineering and sustainability and how we can have an impact on LEED certification. If you aren't sure what LEED is, you could go check out the USGBC website. For your reference, I am a LEED AP!

Onto semi-related items, I thought that in response to a coworker who wrote a nice, commercial inspired, blurb about architects; I would write a little blurb about the truth of engineers!

Engineers DO know everything, and will only admit faults to fellow engineers.
We see a beautiful building and look at the support system.
We get excited about the capacity of concrete.
We get confused with the word juxtapose.
We know that buildings don't have feelings.
We know structures can't "float".
We tend to quote Monty Python skits and movies.
We own spectacular calculators!
We have more electronics and gadgets than Radio Shack.
We have the worst handwriting in the world, yes, worse than doctors.
We love spreadsheets.
Everything we see and do is broken down into math and geometry.
We don't wear many accessories, they get in between us and our work.
Architects are the devil.
And Bob Villa IS an idiot.

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