I'm being sarcastic when I say that today is going to be a good day. I can always hope it will. Deep breaths will get me through. But on the good news front, the FBI is hiring, and I want to work for the FBI. It doesn't appear that I fit into any category of what they need, but you never know, right!?

Urban word of the day...
Celebutard: A famous person; typically refers to the current crop of vapid celebrities.
An example: Celebutard Paris Hilton got the name of her own video game wrong.

I have to write rather quickly since I have to get some stuff together for meetings today, which should be oh so fun. It will make the day go by quickly though. And I just had cereal and yogurt which was super yummy, so at least my day at the office has started off well.

Onto my complaints, Badger got his FOID card and I didn't. He got it yesterday when I was already having a bad day. He should have just not told me he got it and then pretended he got it when I did, but boys never think of that stuff. Or maybe he did and he just wanted to flaunt it anyway. Who knows!

Today is a bad hair day, like I didn't even try bad hair day. No pics of cute choppy hair yet. Sorry friends.

My headache is still here, prompting me to wonder if I should get an MRI. I tell myself that is silly, it's my sinus cavity fluctuating with the weather, which is different in St. Louis every single day. On the flip side, I can't recall having a headache of this intensity for this length of time. If I am no longer blogging or talking to you, it's likely my brain really did explode. In which case Maureen, you need to get my brain and use it for your brain stuff!

I also have a tidbit for Maureen's future book of weird things people say to women who are preggo. Or in this case, not even preggo. A friend whose name I won't mention on such a public blog is planning to get preggo, in the near future (and no, it's not me that I am talking about, I just didn't get permission to say anything about this person on my blog so I won't). She was buying prenatal vitamins. The cashier asked her if she was pregnant. This friend of mine that we'll call Vespa said no. Very simple answer. The cashier continued on wanting to know why some one that is not pregnant would be taking prenatal vitamins. Vespa was confused for two reasons: 1)why are you asking me so many personal questions, 2)it say PRE natal on the bottle indicating before natal activity. The cashier continued yet again stating that her doctor never told her to take those. So in the end Vespa had to listen to the whole story of this woman's child when all she wanted to do was buy her vitamins and get out!

I also have a friend looking for cheaper rental property that allows pets, if you know of anywhere, let me know.

I started a new blog of my vacation diaries. It's just started and with very little there. I can only go back as far as Ireland, which is when I first started writing vacation diaries, and I'm sad to say I don't know that I have anything for most of the vacations afterwards. I know, what a lame blog, but hey, it gives me something to do to keep my hands occupied. I don't play piano, so typing has to work!

I want to send a few thanks out to people cheering me up yesterday: Eva for the mama cass comment that made me nearly pee myself; Badger for rubbing my arm until I fell asleep yesterday, the dogs for snuggling with me (yea, they don't read this, I know that), and last but not least to Shane for sending me odd you tube videos that inevitably lead me to spending hours looking at clips on you tube!

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