Here's One I Didn't Know

Urban word I did not know...

Slicey: A friend. A homey, home slice, or pal.
In use: Me and my slicey are going to the pizza joint tonight to ravage the place.

So onto other things. Yesterday I wrote a long angry blog on blogspot (the least read of all my blogs), but have since deleted it. I was in a crappy mood when I got home, so while I ate my ramen noodles (yea cheap livin'), I blogged all my angry thoughts out of my head. Posted those angry thoughts, and then promptly met Amanda at the gym to vent some more. It was good, I got it all out, she listened and chimed in when needed. It was slightly annoying though because all the January joiners where there, so I had to watch out on the track so not to whack some poor unsuspecting runner in the groin. Ouch!!! But alas, I vented, got it all out (thanks to Amanda being my friend when I needed one), and even gave her a little time to vent as well.

I of course had to ice the knees when I got home. So while I did that, I started watching a movie, played on the Internet, and ate really salty french fries. Been on a french fry kick lately. These were baked though, as opposed to the fried ones I had been wanting to eat!

So while I was on the Internet, I read blogs. I just picked a blog, and then weaved my way through and to various other blogs via the links I found. I read a few cool ones and I read a few weird ones, and I read a bunch I don't even remember now. They obviously made an impact! Anyway, that helped clear my mind for the sleep ahead (which does not even come close to explaining my weird dream). I could go back to sleep for a few more hours.

Anyway, I've written as much as I should considering I am at work (with essentially no tasks). So until the next time, blog safe and enjoy your day!

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