Okay, so back to the urban words.

Scrilla: Money.
In use: Yo, she’s got mad scrilla. We’re gonna rock the mall later!

hXc: Abbreviation of hardcore, often related to music from the hardcore genre. Also used to describe actions or styles.
In use: This bandana will make me look so hXc.

Okay, so I have to admit I was upset to see hXc used in the Urban Dictionary. Perhaps that’s where it belongs, but I don’t think it is so popular as to have made it in! It’s hard to get into the hardcore scene. I used to go to those shows, and you don’t get accepted. Maybe it’s because I wore pink polos, khakis, and white Adidas, as opposed to the dark colors and city ball caps that the boys typically wore. I have to think they didn’t care what you looked like, but maybe there were all pretentious? Anyway, being truly hardcore, once upon a time, meant you didn’t drink, you didn’t screw around, and you took care of yourself because you knew you were better than wasting away. It was about the music too! AND, this whole h and c before and after the X…what really gets placed there are the city letters. New York was nXy. Saint Louis was sXl. But then again what do I know; I was never really in that scene other than to listen to the music and go to the shows. Oh but wait, I did write an awesome paper on the hardcore scene in college that was quite popular among the instructors! Yea, but what do they know anyway?!

I have to say that I am in a better mood so far. The day just started, I had left over chocolate birthday cake from a coworker, and I’m drinking caffeine! I can’t complain about that. I also read a blog from a coworker about the AC/DC show. I would love to go to it, but it’s expensive and my seats would be nose bleeds. I’m really more into the show where you are down on the floor having the time of your life until the next day rolls around and you realize how old and achy your body has become. I would typically not say who my employer is, just to keep them from being associated with me. They request that we place a disclaimer on any individual blogs we may have. Very political! ANYWAY, I would typically not say who my employer is, but I love this place. It’s a great place to work, and the people are awesome. So here it is the HOK blog site:HOK Life Enjoy!

Enough said for now, perhaps I’ll return to engage in more blog later, so until then, please have a joyous day!

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