I Don't Think I Blog Too Much

I told you I'd be blogging more, but really, for those of you that think I blog too much, well too bad! I'm bloggy these days!

Okay, so for my slang word of the day...
hella: 1. Very, totally. 2. Lots of. Short for "a hell of a lot of".

I'll be using it this blog...keep your eyes peeled and ready! By the way, the "Urban Dictionary" street slang is courtesy of Andrew McMeel Publishing, LLC, Kansas City, Mo.

So I think it would benefit everyone to blog, as I've mentioned before, so why aren't you? No one has to read it (or at least I will be, I need reading material). Badger and Becky could have home improvement blogs. Mike could do alcohol! Eva could do gross body stuff! Maureen could be writing about brain disections and psychology! Shane could write about Ireland. Tyler could blog about skateboarding and his journeys in Japan! Oh well, I don't want to force you to write, it's not fair; I'll just be hopeful.

So I am at work today and tired. I couldn't fall asleep so I dozed off at about 2:30, got up at 6. I feel dead, soda and music are helping. I caught the bus in today instead of catching a ride with Chris; all the regulars were there, nice to see them. New bus driver though. I have hella work to do today with deadline on Monday. It won't all get done, which I am sad to say is expected!

Anyway, on to my list of little things that get me by everyday...

-Diet Cola
-Internet access at basically any time I want it
-Pulling the wire on the bus that indates a stop is needed by a passenger

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