Heart Attack in a Bowl

I had a decent weekend.

On Friday, I threw Eva a surprise party. She was surprised. Hung around with Mike for a bit; he was his old, charming self. I didn't drink enough to be drunk, but just enough to get the headache. Saturday I went to the theater to see Marley and Me. It was so sad, I cried from about the middle of the movie to the end, and then some more on the ride home. I promptly got home and climbed into bed and snuggled with my beasts. Chris woke me to go to dinner for Sharline's birthday. It was tasty, we went to Golden Corral, so I ate way too many mashed potatoes. I would normally begin my rant about people, buffets, and the combination of the two, but I'll spare you my soapbox for the moment. On Saturday, I also found out that my buddy Shane was back in the hospital after having another seizure. This time they had him hooked up to all sorts of tubes and monitoring devices, which to say the least scared him. I hope he had some one to sit with him at the hospital. It's really rather saddening. I did at least get a message from him on Sunday indicating he was getting out of the hospital with 'loads of meds'. Sunday I went to my mom's house to do some laundry. I washed enough to have clothes for a few days should I need them if the brand new washer we have sitting at home does not get repaired. If it isn't repaired then I'll be going back to my mom's with more laundry. Some people will also be getting very unfriendly calls from me. If it is repaired, I'll be spending an ample amount of time on Tuesday trying to get clothes washed! Later that day I went to a Spa Party that Val hosted. If you aren't familiar, a Spa Party is a party by Beauti Control where everyone gets facials, hand scrubs, foot stuffs and smelly good things. I sell Beauti Control products, so I only went for the activities, and dinner. We had, rather everyone else had hamburgers, and I had a turkey burger. Erica and I were very excited about the cheese covered tater tots. On our way home from the Rynder's place we swung by mom's to pick up the laundry that hadn't finished drying by the time I had left earlier. Mom made Arbogast Cheese Dip. Chris calls it a heart attack in a bowl. I don't care what anyone calls it, it's the best stuff ever. I have been wanting some for a long time, and now I have some!!! EEE!!! I brought some for lunch, I might eat some for dinner. I can say that it will not go to waste, one should never waste good cheese products!

Here we are, today, Monday. I'm starting my day out with one of those headaches that are excruciating and nauseating. I want to say I'll be in a better mood later, but I forgot my Zune so I have no music, and no way to put headphones on my ears and pretend that I didn't hear people talking around me. With the headache, I wouldn't even be listening to music, I'd be pretending to listen to music. I've had a couple of coworkers already stop by to say hello and to mention they, or a family member, were sick this weekend. Great! Something is going around that I'm sure to suffer from!

Anyway some other random stuff from this weekend and this morning; handled a gun, found out prices for gun range membership, talked some politics with the family, bugged my older brother, bugged my younger brother, saw that my sister was online again, kicked around some snow, slipped in some snow, made fun of people, got made fun of by same people, watched and sang along with Mamma Mia with Erica, sent and recieved many texts from and to Erica, played some jukebox tunes, played some trivia, drank some ciders, drank lots of soda, ate at mom's, took some pictures, laughed at said pictures because I look scared in every one of them, used some new bath stuff that has lavender (my favorite scent ever), thought about going to gym, never made it to gym, thought about blogging, never finished blogging, found out Caterpillar is cutting 20,000 jobs, thought about Uncle Russ and Aunt Linda, worried about my own job, thought about career change if required, read my new horoscope, read Chris' new horoscope, thought about napping on desk, worried about my air hair at the top of my forehead.

Today is the Chinese New Year! Yea, I'm starting my new year today. I feel that since the beginning of my new year, only 26 days in, has sucked royal rotten eggs, I am adopting a new year, the year of the Ox! May all the dreams and desires come true for you and yours!

Onward ho to the words of the weekend and today: (I do believe Becky will like this first word!)

barma: Drinker's karma. A good tip equals good barma, a bad tip equals bad barma!

droplift: The opposite of shoplifting. To leave a product or item in a shop, rather than take one. It has been used by artists and musicians to promote their work for free, while some people use droplifting to make political or economic statements (for example, by altering a shop's products and then returning them). For example, Guerrilla artist Bansky droplifted doctored copies of Paris Hilton's debut album in record stores in the UK. He changed the cover art and included his own remixes titled "Why Am I Famous?:, "What Have I Done?", and "What Am I For?".

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