I lazed around this weekend, well, not really. I did skip the blogging though. Not because I'm tired of it, but because I prefer to blog from my desk at work, where efficiency is at it's best. Blogging from home can be tedious because I have my computer set up in front of the television so I can be both a couch potato and computer junkie. If I was forced to live without either food or electronics, I'd get rid of the food. At least I'd die happy with my beloved electronics and probably a lot thinner.

Speaking of electronics and this weekend, my dear hubby performed an Alien autopsy. Literally, he took apart his Alienware laptop. I begged him not to, that his beloved baby might suffer the consequences. But he ignored me (as usual) and began delicately pulling apart the pieces, photographing and making notes as he went. All pieces were separated into containers; gadgets with grooves in cup one, gadgets with holes in cup two, plastic thingys in cup three. The screen was removed. The backing was taken off. Before I knew it, what once was a beautiful piece of iconic gaming sophistication, was now a bunch of electronic parts in cups! He ran to the store, purchased some epoxy to repair the initial damaged piece that led to the autopsy. He came home, and began epoxying the masterpiece back into working condition. I promptly left to avoid the tears I could feel welling up in my eye sockets. When I returned (hours later), there he was! Oh a sight to behold; him, and his beloved and working laptop. I felt I could hug it, but then after all, it wasn't even mine!

In other news, we now have a fully functioning bathroom upstairs rather than half torn up shower in one room with a toilet and sink in the basement. It really turned out to be beautiful. Perfect really. I ordered a shelf to put in there for a few extra towels and tp. We have some hooks to hang in there, which will look very nice. We may in fact not even use it since it isn't needed per say. It matches everything, so I'd like to get it in there! I even thought about putting it on the inside of the shower to hang objects on, but it has wood on it, so I guess we'll just have to think about it.

Okay, enough about me me me! On to words! We have two, the weekends word and today's word.

metawork: Trivial or unnecessary work done to avoid having to perform the real task at hand while simultaneously taking the credit for it. In the business world, metawork often manifests itself in the form of meetings, mission statements, project planning, or anything else that lets a person become part of the team without actually doing something productive.

In Use: Eight people were required to complete that project on time, but six of them were only doing metawork. had it been the only remaining two, they would have finished in half the time.

Hobosexual: The opposite of metrosexual; one who cares little for one's own appearance.

Examples: Michael Moore, Peter Jackson
First documented hobosexual: John the Baptist

By the way, for anyone I just offended, first of all, these are direct quotes from the calendar, not necessarily my views, and, YES Michael Moore belongs on that list and YES, maybe you should stop reading this if I did offend you.

Okay, so until I blog next time, have an enjoyable day!

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