Inauguration Day

Happy Inauguration Day! I don't discuss my political views, it's a very touchy subject for me. But I will say that no matter who you voted for, or no matter where you are, this is a big day for the wonderful country of the United States of America. There is no doubt that I am very patriotic, and rather devoted to this country where we are allowed to do so much. Many people would choose to disagree, and that is very fine with me. I'll likely ignore it. I will refrain from telling you that you are wrong.

I have high expectations for President-Elect Obama. I would have high expectations of ANY president-elect; as I would hope any voting American would. This country for which I speak so highly of, should be led in such a way that I deem respectable yet defensive and offensive. It's a delicate balancing act that I hope the soon-to-be 'man in charge' can fulfill.

Here, where I work, we will have the inauguration on television so that we can watch. Many people, very devoted to the President-Elect have taken the day off to celebrate and watch. Many people will be emotionally moved by today, many will feel defeated or maddened. This inauguration, more than any of our history, may be the most significant, and we get to experience it. This may not be as unique as walking on the moon, or as dramatic as watching the Twin Towers collapse, but significant and powerful in its own way. I hope everything goes smoothly, I hope the transition is handled well. Most important to me, is that I hope that some changes are made that will get the US economy stirred and moving towards a better direction, though only time can tell.

Onto the word of the day . . . and very fitting for whom the President-Elect is replacing today.

fearorism: The government manipulation of the public's fear of terrorism. this tends to be done in order to gloss over recent embarrassment or to push otherwise unpopular bills through the system.

Though I think those of us with some recognition of US politics are fully aware of whom this definition refers, I will refrain from using names, so here it is, the word in usage: The debate and passing of the Informations Act did not go well for the Pres; he should push the fearorism up to red tomorrow.

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