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Welcome to 2009! As I have mentioned before, I plan on writing most everyday, specifically to use my 'urban dictionary' word of the day, and also to come up with at least one little thing that makes me happy. I also just like to blog. One day I am going to compile my blogs into a book, I'll likely be the only reader, but it will be good none the less!

So here we go . . .

slang: The ever-evolving bastardization of the written and spoken language as a result of social and cultural idolization of celebrities.

Now let's see slang in action: "Aw, snap, son. Check out the fine-ass-sho-tee rockin' all dat ice".
Translation: "Hello, my good sir. Take a gander at the beautiful woman wearing the expensive jewels".

As always, the "Urban Dictionary" street slang is courtesy of Andrew McMeel Publishing, LLC, Kansas City, Mo.

Today Chris and I did some running around to buy things we either needed or wanted. I purchased an onsale pre-lit Christmas tree for next year. I picked up my meds and also a massager. It's the kind of massager that you put on say a work chair, etc. It's nice, I wish it had more power. We also purchased a new washer and dryer. They are those nice but too expensive front loaders. The washer we have now is throwing oil onto the clothes, and the dryer is a minimum 80 minute dry time, and sometimes that doesn't even get it done. So I am hoping that our purchase is worth it. We also bought a vent cover. It's an awesome cast iron cover, it has an older look to it, so it will be nice in the hall bath. It's sturdy too!

To my list I would like to add the following:
-Random odd text messages from friends, at 6 in the morning
-Totino's Triple Cheese Pizza

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