Mole Dream

I had a dream last night that I had a peculiar mole on my left leg, upper thigh, front side. In my dream I would randomly pick at the mole and layers of it would come off. Finally I pulled what I believe were the last layers off. Blood came shooting out, and then came a white pussy fluid. LOTS of it, it dripped and spewed, and landed all on my foot. Finally what I had initially thought to be a marble fell out and hit the ground. It was oozy, so I didn't really know what it was, but it was hard and marble sized. I quickly put a towel over the marble sized hole now gaping in my leg. When my leg stopped oozing, I uncovered the hole and looked. It was large enough to poke my finger tip into, it was clean, and not at all gross. The thing that popped out of my leg, I was told, was the inner part of a mole. I was told there was in inner part and an outer part, now both gone. The cleaned up marble thing was hard and crusty, what I imagine a large kidney stone would look like. Weird dream, but at least this one didn't have dead people in it!

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