Overnighted Part

I took a snow day! I took a snow day! Good news for me, but bad news for the people that read this for the word of the day!

I'm sure I've mentioned this in previous blogs, but recently, our washing machine needed to be replaced. So Chris and I bought some of those new fangled front loading washing and drying machines. We had to wait what felt like an eon to get them delivered. Once delivered the washing machine was broken. We were told that they, the company from where we bought them, would overnight us the broken part that we needed, and send a technician out to repair the washer on Tuesday the 27th. Okay, so yea, I was peeved because I bought a brand new washer and it was broken and the only thing they would do is repair it, one week later. But on the flip side, I need to wash clothes, so I dealt with it. I took some essentials over to my mom's house and did laundry. So fast forward to Monday the 26th and we get a phone call from said store that told us they were delivering our washer on Wednesday. As you the reader start to become confused, bear with me, I am just as confused. We talk to the person on the phone who tells us that we are in fact scheduled for delivery of a new washer and pedestal on Wednesday the 28th from 4 to 9 pm. Well that would explain why we never received the "overnighted" part. We thought we were making some sense out of the situation. But then, as we were lounging in bed on our snow day, the phone rang. It was the technician telling us that he was on his way. He didn't have the part, we didn't have the part, and now we have no idea what is going on! So I suppose we'll see if we even get a washer. I've already warned my mom that I may be coming over and making a night of it on Thursday to do some more laundry.

So in other news, I plan on going to Mardi Gras this year. I figure this may be one of my last years of really going out and being wasteful, so I might as well, right?! Funny thing, I can't find anyone that wants to hang out with me. I know, whiney brat. I am actually going with a group of people so I won't be alone, but technically I would be. That's fine, I love myself on most days, so going alone is fine, I just think maybe I smell bad or something. I'm taking it as a sign for sure.

Well, I'll be sure to blog later, even if later is tomorrow. I'm off to eat lunch and then to play outside with the dogs in the snow! You should go have fun too, we don't live forever you know!

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