Self Imposed Rough

I need to start off by telling you that I forgot to grab my urban word of the day before I left work Friday. Therefore you'll get two words on Monday.

I have lots to say, won't say it all because a) I just don't feel like it, I really just want to lay in bed and sleep until May, and b) it's all just depressing stuff so I'll spare you.

I'm listening to old good upbeat music, surely this will put me in a better mood. Also good news, I finally got my FOID card, so now I can buy and own a gun in Illinois. Why is it that everyone (besides my mom, my brother, and Jim from work) thinks ME having a gun is a bad idea?? I intend on keeping it locked in a case with ammunition in a totally different location. AND I only plan on shooting inanimate objects. Oh well...I have no money to buy a gun at the moment.

Chris had to take a pay cut to keep his job, and I'm not really sure how much longer I will have mine. The slowed economy means people aren't paying to build buildings. No buildings means no structural engineers needed. I hope something falls through the cracks...but we'll see, and hope for the best.

So this weekend was rough, self imposed rough. Planned on drinking copious amounts of alcohol Friday. Met my buddy Mike at the pub, and although I condone of his behaviour he left early enough to know when he was done drinking and in need of going home. I was secretly (or maybe not so secretly) disappointed. I felt like the one person I could count on to help me get totally obliterated, and still be able to handle me being totally annoying didn't even want to stick around. But I'm selfish, he made the right choice. Badger was good, he dealt with me pretty well.

I didn't hurt too bad the next day, I mostly slept. I would have slept all day anyway yesterday, it's what I do when I'm depressed or bummed out. I some how think that sleep makes everything bad feel less bad. It doesn't, but it least helps me miss blocks of time that would otherwise be spent being totally bummed out.

I feel I've probably rambled on too long already, so talk to you later, try to have a splendid day!

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