Sleep Is Good For You

So I'll start out by saying that sleep really helped me last night. I'm in an all together much better mood. Still have a headache, but it's much less aggrivating. I also used this product to give myself a nasal passage cleansing. It IS as gross as it sounds. It works though. I'm supposed to use it twice a day, but I want to get some distilled water for it, so I won't start using it twice a day until tomorrow.

I brought my blood pressure kit and my blood sugar kit today. If the headache gets to an unbearable level, I'll be checking it. My BP was decent this morning which is to be expected as I have little stress in the AM. Last night when I had a headache I checked and it wasn't high, but my BS (ha) was at 99. I generally start to get a headache and the shakes when it gets to 95 and lower. I'm told everyone has his or her own tolerence level when it comes to BS (lol). So we'll see!

On the headache front, and sleepiness front; I've gotten heckeled a few times about what that could mean. Some people are suggesting I'm preggo! Well I'll have to dissappoint you all because I'm just not. I have a girly doctor's appointment in the near future that requires me to not be preggo. I won't elaborate into disgutsting details of the exam itself, but considering it is a biopsy for cancer cells, I really plan on NOT being preggo. I am also fairly certain that I don't have cancer, it's a precautionary biopsy. Please do not buy me a coffin just yet!

I really shouldn't make jokes so much, life is a much more serious adventure. I just have a hard time being serious. I'm sorry if this offends you, but on that note, you could just stop reading if it offends you!

But to be slightly serious, my co-worker's wife, who is riddled with cancer and already sick, had a bad incident where she hit her head pretty badly. I hope she recovers from this. They both deserve everything wonderful the world could ever provide. I hear my co-workers voice over the cubical wall, so I'm hoping that means good things!

I also wanted to update you that I still do not have a foid card.

Okay, so onto the urban word of the day:
Primary digits: The phone number a person expects friends and family to use.
In use: I need to make sure you have my primary digits in case of an emergency.

I'm going to close out by continuing on with my list of small things that make me happy:
-the smell of my favorite perfume
-hearing a freindly voice
-adorable actress Abigail Breslin
-a good sinus cleanse
-getting good phone calls, rather than the nasty ones of course
-yogurt and cereal
-diet soda
-my pink scarf that I wear most days when it's cold out

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