Special Madness

My morning has already started out with a negative attitude. I should take corrective actions, but when my first phone call of the morning ends with me hanging up and saying aloud, “don’t you know you people are all wrong, Jebus”; I just know corrective action will be slow going.

The pleasant news is that I’ve downloaded some Madness to my Zune so I have some great tunes to listen to today. I’m extremely disappointed because I read today that this year Madness will be playing with a ‘Special’ guest rumored to be the Specials. That would be an awesome show to see, one of the best I’d ever get to see, but it’s in London. Yea won’t be getting there easy. Oh well, sniff sniff!

So last night I agreed to go to New York with my friend Amanda. I can’t really afford to go to New York, but as a gift (sort of birthday present) she talked me into letting her buy my plane ticket. We’ll be staying in her sister’s apartment, at least cheap in that respect. Her sister is moving back in March, so the whole idea was to make one more trip out there while we could get it for cheap, and to do things that her sister would prefer not to go do with her. Of course we’ll be doing some typical New York stuff, the Statue of Liberty, a Broadway show, cheese pizza slices, bagels, and building kissing! Okay, so that last one is my suggestion! Of course the stipulations are that I can’t feel guilty (fat chance), and she can’t spend more than $200 on round trip airfare per person.

Okay, I have plenty more to go on about, but I’ll part here and save some for later. On to the word of the day . . .
Seeds: Children.
In use: My seeds are with their mother today.

Until next time . . . .

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