There's A Reason I Didn't Blog

My urban dictionary combines Saturday and Sunday into one word. I've also had a headache since Friday. Yesterday I volunteered for the St. Louis pound at a charity event. Those are the reasons you didn't read from me on Saturday.

Anyway, on with the word. January Joiner: Someone who joins the gym in January as part of a New Year's resolution and by February is back to being a couch potato.

I feel that this is pretty self explanitory, so I won't be using it as part of my blog, other than to say I am proud to NOT be a January Joiner!

I actually have lots to say but am watching a move called 'Jumper'. It's very good. I also have laundry going at the moment, so I'll be working on that. I'll be online for some time more, I may write later. I also am not proofing this for spelling, please forgive me!

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