Too Much, Too Young

Okay, so I am work today, with my headache, or rather my presumably exploded brain. I went to bed early, didn't help. At least I can say I tried. I have a million thoughts in my head, and can only get a few down on 'paper'. Here we go…hang tight, this might get messy.

Urban word of the day…
Eargasm: The sensation one gets while hearing a dramatic climax in music.
If you are reading this blog, you know that headphones are usually on my head and music is piping through like oxygen in lungs. I love music, so it's hard to pick one song to use as my example for eargasm. I mean this in no disrespect to my other music choices. But here is your word in use! I nearly had an eargasm when listening to Kevin Devine's Alabama Acres at the moment he says/shouts "Hear dad sleep some on this". I love him! Anyway . . . now on to reality!

This weekend I got my hair cut. Nothing major, but choppy. No one has noticed. I do realize that I work with men, they don't notice this stuff. I am hoping to see a woman today, maybe Crystal will notice. And if no one notices, they are missing out, losers!

I decided to get my hair cut because Penny did. She has choppy hair, and it looks cute! I saw her when I was volunteering for St. Louis animal shelter this past weekend. Penny plans a lot of the volunteering. I got added to her list of helpers this year, which rocks because I'm all about that. Penny even gave me a kiss on the forehead and said I was cute, which is awesome. I like to associate with nice people because that's the kind of stuff they do! Anyway, so she has cute choppy hair, and I wanted cute choppy hair, so I got it cut; left the length, added layers. If I am not careful though, I end up looking like Farah Faucet (if that's how you spell her name anyway) which is not too flattering to me.

We got a lot done to the bathroom this weekend, and yes, again, I speak French when I say we, I mean Badger got a lot done one the bathroom. The wall tile is up, the walls are painted, the ceiling is up, the lights are installed and the mirror is in. He has to finish the flooring (leveling, tiling, and grouting to be done), caulk the joints, and install the fixtures before we are using it, but that is really close! YEA!!!

Maureen blogged, sort of. In fact she sent me a message to tell me she wrote a blog, decided it was boring and then didn't publish it. So I protested and she sent me a message with the blog. I found it entirely entertaining. I also invited myself along to look at giant trees with her and her husband. That's how I do things! Blog more please! It was great!

I commented on Facebook on my cousin Sara's photo. She's totally cute, well my buddy Mike figured out how totally cute she is and wanted to be her friend. I am glad to see when I logged in today that they are friends. I also invited myself along for breakfast at Tigin. Again, that's how I do things!

Like I said, I have a lot on my mind, and not all of it can go here for one reason or another. Maybe in the future I can spit it all out. Until then, have a good day, I have lots of work to do, and an aching head I need to care for!


I'm back to write in a quote from Eva that just about make me pee myself...in context of talking about Sonseed, "Kinda tragic, like Mama Cass"!


Okay, I need to vent about something and that is, when people tell me that something about the project has changed (although incrementally to them, major for me) ON THE DAY IT'S EFFING DUE! EFFERS!!

---Even Laterer---

I needed to add more. Okay, so I will get a pic up when I get one that I think looks at least not dumb! I also wanted to say that I believe angst helps cure headaches, because for once this past few days, my head is throbbing less, but my angst is at towering levels. I really mostly got back here to say that I hope Melissa's days are turning more cheery after the passing of her Grandma, my heart's with you sister!

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