Totally deflated, angry, and freezing!

Top o’ the morning with the word of the day . .
Narsty: Something nasty that’s actually kind of cool or strange. Combination of “gnarly” and “nasty”. Also spelled “gnarsty”.
In use: The gal over there with the 5 o’clock shadow sure is narsty.

So yesterday was a compelling day full of anticipation, excitement, and let downs. If you were anywhere in the United States yesterday, you were likely watching the inauguration. If you didn’t watch it, you heard all about it. I could probably write all day about that topic, but that would lead to some sort of political discussion that I just don’t want to get into, mostly because I don’t discuss politics. So after getting back to work yesterday after my hour hiatus to watch the inauguration with my coworkers; it was lunch time. The Structures group had our staff meeting; we had Vito’s pizza, so really a highlight of my day. One can never go wrong by serving Vito’s pizza. In this meeting I learned I had sort of been ‘demoted’. I’d like to emphasize that I wasn’t in any form physically demoted from what I do, rather my title. Well, I don’t know, I do care, I don’t care, I’m still deciding. I went from being an Engineer to an Engineer Technician. No change in pay, no change in tasks, just a name. I had to laugh though, because in my self evaluation that I have to perform yearly, where this title comes into play, I was a green (highest standard) in all categories. I rock! I openly told my group that I rocked it. I had marked greens everywhere; there will be no need to change me back to an engineer when I am doing this awesome. I did tell them it could have likely been my flamboyant ego flapping its brilliant wings. Well, the day goes on, even in my demoted state, and I call home to find out that the washer and dryer we recently purchased is being delivered! Yea!!!! The excitement has been flowering since we purchased it on January First! I was so eager to get home and use it that I left to catch the earliest bus that I could. Realizing it was already time to leave; I threw my stuff together, only turned off half of the gadgets at my desk and flew out the door. I ran to the bus stop! Alas, I will soon be home; but then 10 minutes go by and I realize that my bus is not coming, I had missed it! Just then my phone rings, it’s Chris, he’s going to cheer me up with great washing and drying news! No. Not it at all. The washer doesn’t work. It’s broken. And I have missed my bus. So there I stand in the cold, with all the excitement and anticipation shot out of me like air firing out of a balloon! Totally deflated, angry, and freezing, I just stood waiting for the next bus. Once home I decided my day deserved a good crying movie, so I put in P.S. I Love You and got it all out. This morning I woke up, and life is still going. I guess I’ll just have to function!

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