5 Lessons

Have you ever thought to yourself, "wow, smart people can do some really stupid things and sure don't know as much as they should"? For instance,I know this really smart, super intelligent fellow engineer who did not know in which time zone we lived. Been here her whole life, didn't know, coming from the same person that blows me away with book smarts! Then there are the really smart guys that still manage to catch themselves on fire! It blows me away trying to understand so I choose not to understand! I know where I'm going with this idea, I am choosing not to verbalize though, just a silly thought in a smart person's head.

I wanted to mention a few things that I thought people should know.

When planning for the Apocalypse (see previous post), there are other things that might be really helpful or at least desirable, such as: clean underwear for when you literally crap yourself out of fear; a coat or blanket in case the world should freeze; a good pair of pink boots for both wearing and using as a signal of existence, a flare would also work in this case; a lighter and/or matches; a gun and perhaps several bullets (you and your friends who survive may just choose to shoot each other until one poor sap is left); a life jacket; extra socks, a lesson I learned from Ireland, just take the extra socks!

Don't bother thinking, there's no point to it! Half the time it's good, half the time it's bad, and the non-thinkers I meet are happy and carefree and just as well off as I am, except happy! So don't even think!

Revit is very cool and awesome and useful, etc. Don't be afraid of the change, it's sometimes fun!

When I say I am usually right and you are probably wrong, it's true. I might have a very misguided, confused, distorted, and harsh view of reality and this thing called life; but it's like the number 42, it just is, nothing else to ponder! For pondering, see my second note of this blog!

If you are on fire, roll on the ground!

Okay, so that sums of a few of my lessons for the day. I feel better already having cynically written. I should warn you that I will be out of town for the next couple of days, but I will journal my adventures and add them to my stephysite-vacay.blogspot.com blog when I ever get through Ireland and Taiwan. I'm slow (in so many ways), deal with it!

Word of the day:
showmance: A "show romance" that develops between reality show contestants or participants, especially one that ends as soon as the show is over. Often a ploy to gain more camera time.

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