So let me start this blog by saying I had a great weekend, that promptly ended on Sunday when I saw the e-mail from co-worker Ruben that informed me of the rough week ahead. Yea, always a good thing to see!

So to say the least, I'll be writing this blog in between splitting columns in the REVIT model. I'm drafting at least, a task I enjoy. Also, having known this week was going to be long, I chose to wear jeans today, so shove that in your pipe and smoke it Corporate America! I also asked to postpone my guest speaker/teacher gig. I was supposed to teach at SIUE on Tuesday about sustainability to the senior design class. With this impending deadline that I still don't think is feasible, I need all the time I can get. Why am I blogging then, oh right, my therapy because if I don't get this all out, I will literally explode and spew guts, blood, and diet pepsi in every direction.

So I'll rewind and tell you all about Mardi Gras. For those of you that are unaware, St. Louis Mardi Gras is the second largest MG celebration in the US, second only of course to New Orleans. That being said, I threw on the long johns, two pair of socks, hefty boots, and my coat; and brave the cold with some friends and my sister. Good old Tim organized the whole ordeal and got a bus! We piled on after tying on a few at the Pub, headed west and got dropped off into the freezing wind and crowded streets of Soulard!

Once there, we promptly found our heated tent at Joanies's Pizza. I danced a lot, shouted a lot, and drank a lot of hurricanes. It was a great time. Holly and I walked around a bit. We even saw her friend's band play, and they rocked! Before the day was over, I had a scary guy give me beads and want to dance with me, and I was ever so thankful my sister stepped in to save me. There was another fella who claimed he was waiting all day to dance with me, that was nice of him. I left though, without even saying good bye because I was being called to grab Shawna, my new BFF and dancing buddy, to go to the bus!

So that was the weekend! Today though has been rough, like a shaken soda can waiting to be opened. I don't think there are enough tears for me today. It's one of those, "I'm going to throw up" sort of days. I'm at the point of just giving up, so I'm not even going to write anymore.

Here are you words:
geotard: A person who is incapable of figuring out how to get from point A to B without instructions like "turn at the pretty blue house", does not know which direction in north, and/or points in the wrong direction when talking about a place. Combination of geography and retard.

nice ups: A way of throwing props to some one, saying thank you, or showing respect. Similar to Big Ups.

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