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I have started writing this blog three times; here we are at number four. I often find when I can’t think of anything to write, or when I feel what I want to write isn’t something I can/should say publically, I just spit out what I am doing at the moment or I write about what I have recently done, my likes, dislikes, that sort of crap. It might sound dull to the reader, but then again if you found it too dull you’d just stop reading so I can’t say I’m too worried about it, this is after all just a blog, not a highly anticipated novel. So what I’m finally getting around to saying is that I want to talk about something I love to do, I love to read blogs, which is usually how I start the day. Most people drink their coffee and read the news, a good portion of people eat breakfast while watching the news. I like to drink Diet Coke or a good black hot tea and read blogs. I like to participate in them more than read them, but reading is essential in learning to write. I suppose it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, who reads this anyway? I imagine Becky, Holly, Drew, and Chris are the regular readers, maybe Maureen even, I will give them credit for keeping up, but I can’t imagine anyone else in the world reads this. Why would you when there are bloggers like Justin Z. Perhaps his dry sense of humor is what appeals to me. I am after all an engineer who loves her pink calculator like she loves a pet. But that is a different blog for a different time.

I often find that my favorite blogs to read are not the ones where an advanced writer is paid to sit at a desk and talk about the things they should talk about, but the ones that volunteers choose write, “just ‘cause”. It inspires me every day to write something no one may read. Of course do I volunteer to write? No! I do comment though. I let the writers know I read, and that “just ‘cause” is enough to get readers so they should keep it up! If you read this often enough, you’ll know I ask for you to blog, let me know you blog, or don’t tell me, but do blog. I think it gets ‘things’ off your chest; it lets people know who you are; it encourages others to write or read; it recommends books your reader may never have looked at; it advances your writing skills; it can be used later as black mail; it’s funny and might cheer someone up. You might think you are dull, you might think you are funny, in any case, you might have an effect on one person (even if it’s only you), and that should be enough to get anyone through at least one day in this scary place we call life. So blog it my friend!

Anyway, so I went on longer than a person should about blogs, so I will leave you now wishing Mike a safe recovery, even though you are still stuck in the hospital having scopes shoved down your throat. Onto the word, yes, that word, the Word of the Day!

Near-birth experience: When birth control fails but no pregnancy results. In use: When the condom broke last month, they had a near-birth experience!

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