Another weekend gone and a new week ahead, I wish I could say I felt better. I can’t say that I feel awful but my throat is still sore and my sinuses feel packed and achy. The fluctuation in the weather is surely a good part of the sinus problem. I like the cold and I like the warmth, I just want one season though. Not a full year of seasons in one week. Living in St. Louis though, I don’t know that I’ll ever experience normal weather seasons. I suppose though, to see the silver lining, I get an opportunity to wear a broader range of clothing and shoes.

So to move onto other topics, this weekend was crazy. I had thought my sister Holly was going out Friday and I made plans with her for that day. I had forgotten that my husband was already going out with his friends, so I told him I’d meet up with him at some point in the evening. Come to find out, my sister was never going out on Friday, she was going out Saturday, and I was already out of town for that day. I am really out of it these days, so that sucked! I hung out with Chris and his friends; they seemed to have a lot of fun, Chris was all jacked up on rum and cola. Saturday we (Chris, mom, and I) drove up north to Lostant for Aunt Laura’s 50 Birthday party. It was a surprise party thrown by her daughters Betsy and Sarah. I made a lot of mental notes about that evening and I wanted to share a couple. First, these farm boys up north sure do know their cowboy look; flannel shirts, thigh tight jeans, big belt buckles, cowboy boots, and big ol’ cowboy hats. I wanted to take a photo of all the boys out on the porch because it was a sight to see! I didn’t though, so not to offend them. Second mental note was about the condition of Grandpa. He’s my only true blood grandparent remaining, and in my eyes he’s invincible. He’s the guy that walked me down the aisle, he’s the guy that spanked my bottom when I got in trouble at his house as a child, he’s the guy I play cards with at holidays. I never see him as old or perishable. But at the party he’d had a sciatic nerve problem so he was in a lot of pain. It was cold in northern Illinois and he’d left his jacket in the car. It was horrible to sit and watch him shake because of the cold. He refused to let me get his jacket for him; he is after all very independent. I asked my Uncle Kirk that lives with him part of the time if he did this often and he said that he’s starting to see age in his father after all these years. I tried to ignore the sadness I felt when I saw Grandpa in pain. That was difficult to do!

In some other topics to discuss, Shane got his phone back, Mike got out of the hospital, Eva opened a Facebook account, I started setting up my HOK Blogger information, and I got back to normal on my laundry schedule! With that, I am moving on to the words of the day and weekend.

Homoblivious: Not having the ability to recognize homosexuals as being homosexual; lack of gaydar. In Use: He was so homoblivious that he didn’t know that guy was coming on to him. For those of you that know Toddy Bear, I believe he is homoblivious.

Master of One’s Domain: The ability to go long periods of time without sexual self-gratification. In use: He is the master of his domain; he can go for months at a time.

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