How Will the Pub Pull This Off?

I have to admit that I am rather enjoying this lyrics game. For starters, I’m always the person with her headphones in her ears, so it’s not like I even have to think twice about listening to music. My second point is that I have some lyrics that I absolutely love, and some lyrics I’ve always wanted to look up because I can’t understand them. I find that it’s rather fun in general; the problem is that no one has really tried to guess any of the songs. Maybe they have and don’t know the songs, which makes sense because even after looking them I have to think about what the song could be, and I wrote them! I am starting a new list that is the couple lines of lyrics that I love about a particular song rather than the first lines of the song. I’m being a little more selective about the song this time too. Perhaps some one will know these lyrics a little better!

I recently noticed a bulletin in MySpace about the Pub having their first live music ever. This will be good, for many a year I have thought it would be a great space for a small band. Of course now that it is reality I am wondering where and how the Pub will pull this off. I’m hoping Becky, my faithful reader, will comment to let me know in what exact space the Dynamos will be playing. A three dollar cover charge is about the right amount of money to charge too! I make no promises to show up though, I am a total slacker, just so everyone one knows up front! I do good anymore to know what day it is!

I believe that since I am in a relatively crabby mood, I will cheer myself up with a continuation of my list of small things that make me happy!

The sound of the white out pen being shaken on the other side of the cube wall
Blogging, both reading and writing (stephysite.blogspot.com, stephysite-picaday.blogspot.com, hoklife.com)
People confused about what blogging is . . . it’s a vast array of things too large to narrow down
Taking a really great photograph
Getting complimented on that really great photograph by others that take really great photographs
Writing out my favorite lyrics like they are poetry to share with others
Successfully multi-tasking
The beady eyes of my surely Canadian American Bulldog Bella
The look Riley gets on his face the moment just before he barks, a seriously look that says, “Oh no, don’t make me talk back!”
My pink TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Calculator, it was my screen shot for HS:MS:HS
A good night’s sleep, especially when it’s storming outside and you can hear the rain hitting the roof/window

OKAY, so enough of that for the day, I’ll move onto the word of the day.

Phone grope: Grabbing at pockets, patting one’s self down to make sure you have your cell phone and don’t need to turn around and go back home for it.

In Use:
Dude 1: Dude, stop that!
Dude 2: Stop what?
Dude 1: Quit the phone grope, you’re always grabbing at your pockets as soon as we’re on the road, did you remember your cell phone?

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