The Road is Singing With Me

There is a stretch of southbound Interstate 55 south of Staunton and north of Edwardsville that sings. I had thought I was imagining this. I was singing quietly to myself, Super Trouper by ABBA, when I heard music. The car radio was off, no one else was making noise and the cell phones weren't ringing. I thought for a moment that it was one of two things. Either my Zune had plugged its headphones in, turned itself on and cranked the volume, OR I was hearing things. Surely I thought it was the first. After what felt like a considerable amount of time, Chris finally spoke up and asked if I heard the music the road was making! I'm sure the expression on my face was a combination of happiness for not being insane, confusion for trying to understand this, and sleepiness. He then mentioned there were grooves in the pavement that made this sort of quiet melodic tone. Ahh I thought, the road is singing with me, how excellent is that?!

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