I’m multitasking this morning to try and catch up with my shop drawings, I still want to blog, and I need to catch up on e-mail as well. I’m feeling better, but not great. My throat is still sore, I have enough mucus to recreate Slimer (from Ghostbusters), and I feel like my head is in a bucket. Other than that I feel pretty good. It’s more than I can say for poor Mike who went in to have his gall bladder removed and got stuck in the hospital overnight because he was infected. I stopped in briefly enough to say hello, get my germs everywhere, and get a pic of him so he’ll always remember how pathetic he looked! After I left there I went home to eat pizza, play a couple of internet games I missed because I was sick, and then back to bed. I had actually hoped to sleep better, I was in and out of sleep all night, weird dreams, sore throat, snoring dogs, bleeding nose, on and on and on . . . I was actually glad for this morning to get here so I could really wear myself out today. As soon as I got into the building I bought a small thing of milk for my tea and then went up to my floor to get started. I went to our community kitchen to make some hot tea . . . luckily for me they still have some Bigelow English Breakfast Tea so I made that and have let it slightly scald my throat as it goes down, which feels wonderful! The warmth is making the mucus slither around and empty out of my nose at an alarming rate, which adds demucifying to my multitask list! For those of you unaware of the term demucifying (with a long u), it is the action where one blows his nose, then carefully pinches in a praying form with both hands near the top of the nose and drags the fingers down to press mucus out into an already soggy tissue, and carefully in one maneuver wisps the tissue into one hand while readying the next tissue in the other hand. This repetitive motion which is the cause of a reddened nose near the nostrils is instrumental in ridding oneself of Slimer! But alas I must get on with shop drawings, so I will leave you with the word of the day!

Anime hair: The geometry that occurs after one sleeps for six hours with hair that has either not been washed or had gel put in it before going to sleep. Specifically, the polygons that form due to chronic stresses on the hair from a particular sleeping position. In use: Whoa, you’ve got some crazy anime hair going on.

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