Celebratory Donut

So a quick shout out to my friend Crystal, as today is her birthday. We are having donuts and monkey bread to celebrate at work for her. I was a little disappointed because she wanted brownies, (and that is one of my favorites as well), but the bakery didn’t have any this morning. Bummer dude!

My friend Mike finally posted his list of 25 random (but not so random) things about himself (in Facebook). I have to admit that I knew a good portion of them. They were great to read none the less, in well articulated verbiage I might add. It’s obvious he took time to carefully express his opinions.

I started a new note on Facebook about a Lyrics game. I learned about it through a blog for work, where the topic was the usage of headphones at work. Anyway, the game so to say is to place your Ipod, Zune, or other music player on shuffle, then write out the first line of lyrics. Post this info as a note and see who can figure out your songs! I thought it was a great little task to add to my regular work day. Since I already have the headphones glued to my ears, I might as well make a game of it right? Well, I posted this note in Facebook but I think I will also post it in MySpace as well, it’s just fun!

Seeing as how I have some shop drawings I have to get out today, and I still have to eat my celebratory donut, I need to get going now. On with the word of the day . . .

Slow your roll:
1. Slow down, be calm. In use: Slow your roll honey. I’m tryin’ to relax in this mutha.
2. Slow down your game, stop coming on so strong to a female. In use: You’d better slow your roll, junior playa, you’ll just get shut down going on like that.


Toontonearmy1 said...

I swear at first I thought this was celebrity donut...to which I was curious...

Stephy said...

Well I am so glad that you still found it curious and interesting finding out it was ONLY celebratory donut!