Stories of Starring Yeti

For those of you reading this blog via MySpace, you may have noticed that I got a request for a story by Yeti. Yeti be my baby bro, Drew! Here is the comment: “ouch! I think I'd rather hear bout the time the bike seat broke for me! I don't even remember the pool incident!” I have to say that I don’t think this is so much a request for a story, rather a request for torture, but in any case, I am taking it, and running as fast as I can with it before he catches up with me and pummels me to the ground!

So let me set the stage for you, we’ll say 1987-1988, I was about 8 years old. I had to ride my bike one mile to school, in snow, uphill both ways. Seriously though, it was cold, so cold that Drew was bundled tightly in layers upon layers of clothing, which helped his plight. Because of my age and fears of kidnappings my mom rode her bike to school with me. Since Drew was still very young, about 3 maybe, he rode on the back of my mom’s bike via a child seat. It was this bucket type thing with a strap on it, not nearly as sophisticated as the one I show in the image. So it was a cold day and we are riding the bikes to school. Drew help me out here, was there snow on the ground? Anyway, we’re riding along, and I look over notice something is odd. My brother was missing! In fact the whole seat is missing! I look down to see it flopped behind my mom’s bike being dragged along the road as we peddle along. I don’t know how long it took me to freak out and call it to my mom’s attention. My memory recalls the seat literally bumping along the ground for half a block. That is of course what I saw, I couldn’t tell you how long he’d been down there! I can’t stop laughing as I write this! So anyway, we got it all fixed and went on our merry way; but it’s a classic story I love to tell. It was the time the bike seat broke and my mom dragged my baby brother along the road.

So the other story, the one where Dusty, my older brother, saved Drew, my baby brother in the pool. When we were young, we had a small pool in our back yard, maybe 3’ deep. Small but great for kids, and we spent most of our waking summer days in this pool running in circles trying to make a whirlpool! Well, my poor baby brother who was much smaller and younger than Dusty and I used to either have water wings or a floatation ring around his waist (oh the laughter won’t stop). Well on this particularly sunny day, he wore a ring around his waist, climbed to the top of the ladder and jumped in! I was still standing on the back porch not quite ready yet, and Dusty was standing near me. We watched Drew jump in but get turned upside down. There he was, upside down with a ring around his waist feet kicking trying to turn himself around for air. As I myself have a fear of water these days, my laughter has stopped and my heart is racing, imagine yourself in water being held in place by the one floatation device you’ve used for your own safety. I froze not knowing what to do, and it was at this point that Dusty dove in without even using the ladder because his awesomeness allowed him to do so. He grabbed Drew out of the water and flipped him around for air. I don’t recall much else about the story other than the ring was orange and clear plastic and that began my absolute fear of water.

So there you are, let me know if I can share any more great stories with you, for you, about you! I will leave you today with the word of the day and save my other great topics for yet another day!

Hork: To steal something, though not usually applicable to shoplifting or grand theft.

In use: I turned around for five minutes and someone horked my Pepsi from the fridge at work.

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