Borders and BBB

This weekend was good. Friday the 13th was a good day for me. My buddy Shane called me (from Ireland, because that's where he's at). I've made it my goal to prove there is something he does NOT know about The Clash. I bought a book and will read for the most minute of details to catch him, although he's likely to know the answer anyway. After I talked to him on the phone, Chris and I went out to eat, at Denny's! It was super tasty, and there is nothing like breakfast for dinner! Mmmmmm!

Saturday was Valentines Day, and Chris and I didn't really celebrate it. Instead we took the dogs for a car ride. I mean, V-day is about spending time with the one(s) you really love right? So I stayed in bed late snuggling with the dogs, and then we took them for a ride. Chris and I ate at Jack In the Box. I tried the new teriyaki chicken bowl which is delicious! Then we drove over to Clayton to check out the Mini of St. Louis showrooms. I got to sit in the mini's which are super cool! I totally want one! It was great looking, but eh, I have no money for buying a car! So then we went over to Sharline's house to let the dogs see grandma, and to see her new puppy Pearl. She's a mini-dachshund. Super cute. Bella loved her and just wanted to play, but Bella is a little big for her!

Sunday was run of the mill. We cleaned all morning, but the bedroom smells so good, and looks great! I'm sure the dogs will spend today working hard at stinking it back up! Chris cleaned the bathroom while I cleaned up all of my unopened mail and did laundry. After all of that was done, I went to Borders to buy my Clash book; where I ended up buying a birthday present for Grace and a 'Learn French in 3 Months' thingy. Turns out the thing I got Grace is something she already has, but that's okay, I can get her something else that's super cool! Anyway after Borders I ran over to the BBB (Bed Bath and Beyond) to get a shelf to put in the shower and a fogless mirror. At the BBB, they had the Shamwow! So I bought Shamwow! I am sure to let you know how awesome it is!

Anyway, in order to get work done, I should move on, so here are the words of the day and weekend:

L bomb: When someone unexpectedly tells you that they love you. It usually comes out of the blue when you least expect it and are not prepared to respond. In Use:
Dude 1: Dude! Shannon totally dropped the L bomb on me last night!
Dude 2: What did you do?
Dude 1: I said "I love you too".

jackass of all trades: a person who is exceptionally bad at everything.
In use: Stefan is a dork. Give him anything to do and he'll screw it up. He's a Jackass of all trades.

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