Friday the 13th!

Today is Friday the 13th, and so therefore my topic. People that are (irrationally) afraid of this day are paraskavedekatriaphobia. It's greek, can't you tell?

Some historians speculate that the the origin is based on mythology that describes the banishing of Frigga (converted to Friday), a Norse goddess, after tribes converted to Christianity. It is said that every Friday she hooked up with 11 other witches (which she was labeled after banishment) and the devil (do the math 1+11+1=13). This hellish group then plotted many ill fates upon the newly converted fools. Other historians beleive the origin to be from the Knights Templar who were ordered under arrest by King Philip on a Friday the 13th. I believe the Knights Templar to have more substantial origin than the 'goddess turned witch' story; but then again I also believe that historians like to make stuff up and think that popularity can be gained by using a useful story like the Knights Templar. Enough soap box for now. In one odd case it is even speculated that the origin may be from a biography of Rossini (composer of Barber of Seville) that states that he died on Friday the 13th. He thought both Friday's and the number 13 to be unlucky, how interesting?

In any case, it's an interesting day to have a reason to celebrate by wearing bright pink boots, at least that is what I did. I find that Friday the 13th is neither lucky or unlucky for me, it's just a Friday near the middle of the month. I am slightly superstitious, but for rational reasons. Of course that is an oxymoron! Here are some examples; a black cat crossing your path. ANY cat crossing your path is bad, they suck your breath out while you are sleeping. Walking under a ladder brings bad luck, well it does, you have no idea what tools that clumsy handyman dragged up the ladder that could fall on your head and knock you unconscience. Another is that you should never tell someone you are preggo until the second trimester, well that is just bad if you do. You won't show until after the first trimester anyway and if something does happen (miscarriage) you have to sob to everyone that inadvertently congratulates you. Telling an actor to 'break a leg', well if you say good luck, or do your best, it suddenly brings to the forefront that the individual is expected to do well, that could cause a panic situation, so it's just nicer to say 'break a leg' and hope they don't! Horseshoes, for which I am lucky with, I believe is good luck. If for instance one has a horseshoe in the shape of a "U", it is good luck, like a cup holding the luck, if however it is upside down like an "n", it is bad luck, like you are pouring the luck out! I believe that everyone needs a symbol of what they feel is lucky, rightous, or whatever, for some people it's a cross, others a crinkled up spoon, for me, it's horseshoes.

One of my favorite superstitions, is the fear of the number 13! Some buildings won't even use a 13th floor, rather it gets skipped becoming the 14th floor right after the 12th floor. In some horse racing stables, the 13 is skipped over in stalls. I think people should be more afraid of the number 42, but no one listens to me, it is afterall the answer to Life the Universe, and Everything!

Oh well, enough blabbering for the day, and onto the word of the day!

premature evacuation: 1. Getting caught wuile sneaking away after a one-night stand. 2. An early post-sex exit, i.e. before your partner is deep asleep.

In Use: He hooked up with some girl last night and got busted for a premature evacuation.

Good luck today! ;D

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