Officially Sick

Well, I am officially sick as of today. I felt the little twinge in my throat yesterday. I knew what it meant so I went home and took it easy. I even went to bed early to get good rest, but when I awoke this morning, the little twinge became a gunky sore throat with a fever and headache with all the accompanying aches and pains. I am at work though, because I want to save my PTO. I'm drinking orange juice and I took some DayQuil®, so hopefully that can get me through the morning. I told Crystal to stay to her side of the cube so I won't get her sick. If I feel too bad, I will have Chris come pick me up and take me home; where I'll sleep the rest of the day. Could be worse, I could be having surgery tomorrow like my buddy Mike.

I had an interesting dream where I was with a group of people that were going on a night hike. It was too difficult at night, so we all slept some and got up very early so that it was still dark and we took our hike. But first we all gathered our gear, got into the back of a truck and drove to an amusement park. This was more of a creepy park than anything. We all had to hike from the truck to the park. I was carrying a very heavy pack and it was making my lower back hurt (in real life my back really did hurt explained by Bella laying her head on my lower back). Once we got there, we had our hands stamped and we went through to various parts of the park. I needed to sit down so I rode the Ferris Wheel for a bit and got off to ride some sort of roller coaster that got stuck. I could see from this vantage point to the corn field next to the amusement park with a farm house nearby. The farmhouse turned out to be my home.

Anyway, enough about that...onto the word of the day!

pro-ho: A girl who has mastered the "game". Not to be confused with a slut or whore. Female version of "pimp".

In use: Libby's got mad game. Those haters are just jealous 'cuz she's a pro-ho.

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