Bed Bugs

Let's start this off right, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Now, onto my complaints: I scanned some photos at Walgreens because I was too lazy to try and figure out the scanner at home. Long story short, not all of the photos I scanned are on there! Argh! I'm sure it was user error and not Walgreens, but I'm blaming them all right! No big deal I s'pose, I'll figure out the scanner and just take care of everything at home.

New subject: I was happy to see yesterday, that the hoklife.com blog was mentioned in another blog (blogs about blogs, you've got to love the redundancy)!

Newer subject: Yesterday I met Amanda at the movie theater to see Coraline (in 3-D). We both got there early and decided to walk for a bit where I heard a great story, ok well, "great" is still up for interpretation. So as you may know, I went to New York and stayed with Emily (Amanda's sister). Upon our return, Emily followed to attend the funerals of two family members, where she gave Amanda some unpleasant news. This news has an effect on me, but Emily didn't want Amanda to tell me the story until after she was back in New York; simply because she thought I might think she was dirty and gross. Basically, Emily has bed bugs in her apartment. None of us saw them, but upon her return to New York, they were discovered. Measures were taken to remove the bugs, but that is still to be seen as promising. Amanda has checked her place and found none, and I have not seen any either. I think it will be interesting to see if Chris reads this blog because I haven't told him yet of the possibility of bed bugs (that I don't think we have).

Anyway, so why am I telling you this whole story? Please recall that Emily didn't want me to think she was dirty or gross. Here's my thing; first, while I do slip up and judge people, I make a very strong effort to not judge anyone; I don't know their stories, and I don't know what made them who they are, so really, why judge?! Second, I am surprised she would think I was shallow enough to judge her (this seems to be a theme with people I know lately). Third, she was standing right there when I licked (yes LICKED) the Empire State Building, I wouldn't dare dream of calling some one else gross!

Anyway, let me jump to another topic, work. Today has been a good day, we got our submittal out on time! Abdel stopped by to tell me I have either changed or I look good in green, and since he thinks he'd notice if I changed, he says I look good in green. Thanks Abdel, that was nice, and I really needed that! Next, Andrew mentioned that he wanted me to work on his project. He's never requested me to work on his projects, but this time he did. Andrew and I get along pretty decent. He's a jerk, I'm a jerk, and we can both be pretty callous. I think we've bonded some where along the line, and I like that! I'm also excited to know that I at least have work for a couple more weeks. I hate living week by week not knowing if I have work the following weeks; but I'm adapting (rather uneasily though).

And lastly for the day, my review of Coraline. Please note that They Might Be Giants have a song in the movie, so on that note, it rocks! The animation is excellent, and worth catching in 3D. The story line is good and has a great moral (love the parents you have, they're all you got, good and bad). Here's where I get weirded out by the movie; it's scary. It has a creepy cat, characters with buttons for eyes, spooky dolls, and it's just creepy! I know that saying this means little to anyone who knows me. I can't watch Willy Wonka without getting scared; so Coraline is about that level of weird/scary if you need a reference. Also, watch out for things that fly at you (remember, it's 3D)!

Here is your word of the day:
get Irish: To get drunk.

In use: Me and my friends are gettin' Irish tonight.

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