More Things That Get Me By

A continuation of a list of small things that make me happy . . .

dreamy memories
feeling needed
feeling wanted
randomly buying a gift for someone
randomly receiving a gift from someone
my blankets
my pillows
a mirror's reflections being more beautiful than expected
pale skin
wanting to keep talking to someone
cool breezy weather
crazy socks
New York
something such as a word, smell, or sight that reminds one of another person, as though life were a memory book
The sun being so bright that it turns my hair into gold
pink and green
the sounds that shoes make
closing tired eyes that have awaited sleep
old suitcases
dreams that I never want to wake from
watching some one you adore
having a shoulder to cry on
when the bus drivers wave to one another when passing
great hugs
telling the truth all the time
knowing that you are important to someone
seeing some one's face for the first time after having seen then for many years
taking a break from everyone
holding doors open for people
having the door held open for me
finding a journal from years ago, re-reading it, and finding how much or how little has changed
getting to talk to someone you really enjoy talking to
not growing up
going to the graveyard, being completely alone, and being able to cry for whatever reason pleases you
someone dedicating a song to you
my Grinders (shoes)
knowing people that are such great people they deserve everything wonderful the world has to offer

[Editor's Note: Content on this list was taken from Steph's original list started prior to 2000].

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